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 deyre23m so far the best movie i've seen in 2014


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Crap I just watched the movie. I didn't quite understand the end. Like when they see the polar bear at the end did that mean that there is still life on earth?. The… Red? Sea. Diving. Resort! OnLinE, free


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Spring Day! The concept sounds very promising and interesting, I've just heard the execution is off I just finished watching this movie and it really moved me to every bits. It's so heartwarming. Must watch. This entire movie is a metaphor. I loved it!

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I’m dennis

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Was this a straight to DVD movie? I had never heard of it until I went on a cruise recently and it was playing over and over on the same channel so I decided to sit and watch it (since I was stuck in the room with my gf all seasick ) and it was definitely a good movie Brought me to tears a bit :').

Yes this is the way to kill Isis!!!


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Awww Dennis looks adorable

The Red & Sea & Diving! Resort… megavideo Offenders This is the blonde version of Matilda الي سمع هما جايين علشانها يخبط لايك Isn't the girl gifted as an actress too? I love it when he says ,'no I've been researching you Dennis. ' Evans can stalk me anytime ;) All those people saying this movie is shit when they really could just go to IMDB and see the score, it is 8.4 while on Chinese website douban it is only 8.2..





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